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Self Help: 21 Techniques to Overcome Fear & Anxiety. Boost Your Self-Esteem! (Social Anxiety, Mindset, Positive Thinking, Personal Growth, Emotional Intelligence)

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Do you know how it feels when Anxiety, Depression or Anger takes control?

Oh yes – feels like I want to run away from myself; somehow escape from my body, my restless mind. – My thoughts torture me – circling like loud noise inside my head!

And nobody seems to understand me! Other people even seem to Laugh about me or do not take my problems serious!
I know what you go through! My Wife was struggling with Anxiety & Depression but we tried a lot and finally – we managed to really FREE her. And You can do it, too!
This is the simple goal – why I created the book Self Help for YOU!
We want to help others, facing similar problems. The self-help techniques we learned and discovered, will help you on your journey – to Conquer Your Fears and Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression!
Restart your Life. Shape your new future!
In 21 concrete Self Help – Lessons with proven steps and strategies you will be able to defeat your Fears. Start to gain new Confidence and Motivation for your everyday Life! The powerful Life-Hacks, Meditation Techniques and psychological triggers we used will change your Life immediately – and forever!
We have included for you two highly practical parts.
Section I: Limiting The Negative – explains how you can overcome the negative thoughts that weigh you down in life. Everyone experiences anxiety, fear, depression, and anger at some point in their lives. That’s why you’ll find 21 powerful techniques to help you deal with these emotions and sharpen your efficiency.
Not ONLY written for people with chronic cases! Everyone can benefit from the new thinking processes that you can develop by practicing these powerful self-help methods. It will simply change your mind and help you to heal yourself! If you do have chronic cases of anxiety, depression, fear, or anger, you can use these techniques as often as you need to change your state of mind – immediately.
We understand you! And that´s why we will help you to question your thinking(!) so that you can identify and eliminate the negative thoughts you have; just trust me or even better – learn to trust yourself again! I will show you exactly the ways to cope with them.
It is time to improve your thinking and build confidence in your ability to help Yourself!
Use these easy to follow daily routines of practicing meditation and being more mindful.
Section II: Increasing The Positive – will teach you 9 ways that guide you to a more happy, confident, and motivation rich life.
You might say: “Nothing will work for everyone, since we are all individuals.” And you are right! But surely some of the tips listed will provide you with exactly what you need to experience new and exciting times in life. When you’re ready to go on a new journey, go ahead.

I encourage you, take action to make a change. Get Your Book!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn: Section I: Limiting The Negative Chapter 1 – Overcoming Anxiety Chapter 2 – Defeating Fear Chapter 3 – Coping With Depression Chapter 4 – Outdoing Anger Section II: Increasing The Positive Chapter 5 – Allowing Happiness In Your Life Chapter 6 – Creating Confidence Chapter 7 – Being Moved By Motivation
In 21 practical Lessons you will work your way to a New-Life! It will not always be easy in these weeks! But it will be 100% worth it – for the Rest of Your Life!

Take action NOW! Be The Change you want! Do it NOW and grab your work-book. Let us do this together! Only You can Start to Change Your Life! After our Promotion the price will increase to $6.99!


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