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ReMission Possible: Yours, If You Choose To Accept It

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ReMission Possible; Yours, If You Chose To Accept It … is a valuable look into the process of healing socially, emotionally and physically after remission is achieved. Life does not just go back to the way it was before your illness. Recognizing this and moving through it can help you adjust to the new life that you now face. ReMission Possible;Yours, If You Chose To Accept It, is about a patients journey, (one year leading up to an IV-Infusion treatment that put author Barby Ingle into remission and one year of what happened after) of health, social; and mental adjustments. ReMission Possible is a follow up book to RSD in Me, but also stands alone as a story that you too can achieve. It is a motivational guide to being your own best advocate, “The Chief of Staff of Your Own Medical Team” as Barby likes to say. RSD in Me and ReMission Possible are wide reaching with one in three Americans dealing with a chronic pain condition of some sort.


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