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Monday Nights 8/7c

Join Life Coach Travis Barton as he shares with you his adventurous conversations with epic people from all around the World! Proving your dreams can become extraordinary realities!



Wednesday Nights 8/7c

Join award-winning writer, outdoors man, and meditation teacher Jaimal Yogis, as he dives deeper into themes from his bestselling books, All Our Waves Are Water, Saltwater Buddha, and The Fear Project. While using his humor, incisiveness, and wisdom, Jaimal talks with experts from the arts, science, athletics, and spirituality; uncovering a fundamental unity that can lead You to a more full and compassionate spirit!

Saturday Mornings 11/10c

Join author and international blogger Cynthia Covert(The Disabled Diva) as she teams with motivational speaker and health advocate Shane Schulz to bring awareness to health conditions of all kinds. Using their strength, experiences, and fun this duo promises to empower you to live a better life. We’re taking the “dis” out of disABLED so lets do this!

Sunday Nights 8/7c

Join Wayne Hacker and Shane Schulz as they bring you the Pillars and Foundations that help you be more than the challenges you face! It’s all about Inspiration through Awareness & Motivations so let’s get to it because your time is Right Now!


Weekday Mornings 8/7c

Join Health Advocate and Transformational Speaker Shane Schulz as he will “Start Your day in a Positive way!” This show will help you have a higher level of thinking , leading you to a higher level of LIVING!