Living The Dream

Monday Nights 8/7c

Join Life and Executive Business Coach Travis Barton as he shares his campfire chats with his epic guests that have made a dent in the world. This show is sure to appeal to your adventurous spirit “proving that your dreams can become extraordinary realities!”

Motivated Strength

Weekday Mornings 8/7c

Join Motivational Speaker and Health Advocate Shane Schulz as he shares the “Optimal Frame Of Mind” to bring you to a higher way of thinking and leading you to a higher level of living!

Moments Of Clarity

Thursday & Friday 12/11c

Tiffany Werhner MS, LMHC, PA is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author and Host of her Radio Show “Moments of Clarity”. Tiffany’s mission and passion is to educate and help end the stigma on mental health through her live, interactive worldwide radio show, with the inspirational stories of her exceptional guests

PTSD Bunker Gear for your Brain

Sunday – Friday

Join Host Carl Waggett as he provides his self help tips on how to manage your day to day life despite having PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress is a disorder that has many at a loss but with Carl’s first hand experience his insight proves to be invaluable to those who suffer with PTSD and their loved ones

Beyond Clarity

Thursday Afternoons 1/12c

A dynamic panel discussion with mental health professionals, advocates, and patients tackling mental health, misunderstandings, and stigma. Listen in to hear advice and experiences of hosts Tiffany Werhner, Kirk Miller and Ms Tiffani Dilworth for effective living, management with pride, self-awareness, and hope!

All Our Waves Podcast

Wednesday Nights 8/7c

Join award-winning writer, outdoors man, and meditation teacher Jaimal Yogis, as he dives deeper into themes from his bestselling books, “All Our Waves Are Water”, “Saltwater Buddha”, and “The Fear Project”. Using his  humor incisiveness and wisdom Jaimal talks with experts from the arts, science, athletics and spirituality while uncovering a fundamental unity so to lead you to a more enlightened spirit

Healthy Humor

Thursday Nights 9/8c

Join the dynamic Health Advocate duo Alisha M Bridges and Daniel G. Garza as they bring a laugh or two  to every day health and wellness topics!


Raw & Unscripted


Join the KickAss Life Coach Christopher Rausch, as he is here to help you overcome your self created crap without all of that self-help fluffy bullshit!

Arisen Strength

Sunday Nights 8/7c

Finish your week with Wayne “The Hack” Hacker and Shane Schulz as they use the “Pillars” and “Foundations” to help you see outside of your physical and or mental health challenges. It’s all about Inspiration through Awareness and Motivation! So let’s get to it because your time is right NOW!


Dish'n with The Disabled Diva

Saturday Mornings 11/10c

Join Cynthia Covert aka “The Disabled Diva” and her sidekick Shane Schulz the founder of the Speaking to the Heart Radio Network as they bring awareness to the everyday life challenges while dealing with physical and or mental health conditions. The purpose of this show is to educate and empower you to take the “dis” out of disabled, leading you to live a better life!