All Our Waves Podcast

Wednesday Nights 8/7c

Join award-winning writer, outdoorsman, and meditation teacher Jaimal Yogis as he dives deeper into themes from his bestselling books, All Our Waves Are Water, Saltwater Buddha, and The Fear Project. With a combination of humor, incisiveness, and wisdom, Jaimal brings you experts from science, the arts, athletics, and spirituality bringing you the fundamental unity that provides for a more enlightened life!

Arisen Strength

Sunday Nights 8/7c

Finish your week with Wayne “The Hack”Hacker and Shane Schulz as they use the “Pillars” and “Foundations” to help you see outside of your physical and or mental health challenges. It’s all about Inspiration through Awareness and Motivation! So let’s get to it because your time is right NOW!

Chronically Cultivating

Saturday Mornings 10am/9c

Hey friends, I’m Cassie and I am a married spoonie who lives the chronic illness life, here each week I’ll challenge you to live intentionally and authentically where every spoon you use has a purpose and every step you take matters. Welcome to chronically cultivating!

Dish’n with The Disabled Diva

Saturday Mornings 11/10c

Join Cynthia Covert  international blogger and ambassador of all things Disney along with her co-host Motivational Influencer Shane Schulz as they share some healthy tips on how to take the “dis” out of disabled, so that you can live a better life!

Healthy Humor

Thursday Nights 9/8c

Join the dynamic Health Advocate duo Alisha M Bridges and Daniel G. Garza as they discuss everyday health awareness topics with a laugh or two with you!

Living The Dream

Monday Nights 8/7c

Join Life and Business Coach Travis Barton as he shares his campfire chats with his epic guests that have made a dent in the world. This show is sure to appeal to your adventurous spirit “proving that your dreams can become extraordinary realities!”

Motivated Strength

Weekday Mornings 8/7c

Join Motivational Speaker and Health Advocate Shane Schulz as he shares the “Optimal Frame Of Mind” to bring you to a higher way of thinking and leading you to a higher level of living!

Proudly Served

Wednesday Nights 9/8c

Host Tracy DuShane and Co-Host Shane Schulz as they bring you the “Proudly Served” podcast, where they share how the connection of family, spouse, and children to a service member’s commitment to proudly serve is real!

Raw & Unscripted

Tuesday Nights 8/7c

Join the Kick Ass Motivational Life Coach Christopher Rausch as he helps you see through to the core of the problem with out all the self help fluffy bullshit!.

The Awakening You

Wednesday Nights 8/7c



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