Ep #6 | Totally Random


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On February 21, 2019

Totally Random

One thing about humor that is often missed by the audience is the structure of the joke that goes from one point to another leading you to the punch-line. Yeah, but then there are just the mind-blowing times where comedy is just totally random. You’ve been warned!

“Yeah i’m giving a $22 donation to Planet Fitness every month as well”

– Alisha M Bridges

First World problems

Alisha and Daniel don’t take long at all to get you to forget about your stresses, your pain or even your illness as they jump right into how they are dealing with the weather.

Hashtag 2018 same as 2019

Now, you know that every year just after the Holidays we all think why not take advantage of a new start with the new year. Alicia and Daniel are no different, so find out what they have planned to change in 2019!

Come on plug!

With this dynamic duo being such Awesome people, it is no surprise they have their heart 110% committed to making a difference for others! Take a listen and see what Daniel and some of his friends are doing to bring health advocacy to an international level!

This is liberating!

There is no doubt. When dealing with a chronic condition whether it be medically or mentally can lead us away from what makes us happy and fun. Alicia explains not only what it is like, but she also explains the whole reason the show Healthy Humor is here.


Did you stop laughing yet? I told you from the beginning this episode there a chance of being random and leading us to what can be unexpectedly funny! Alicia and Daniel do an awesome job inner mixing humor and reality of someone who is challenged with a chronic condition in their life.  Oh, go ahead! You can be random and listen to it again! 


Talking about the weather, or are they?

Alisha shares her goals as a Health Advocate for 2019

See how Daniel is bringing his HIV Advocacy to an International level

Alisha hits the nail on the head

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