Ep #37 | Sometimes We Have To Just Let Go!


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On January 27, 2019

Sometimes We Have To Just Let Go!

Shane Schulz is a motivational speaker and health advocate that will tell you firsthand what it is like to suffer in the middle of life on life’s terms. In this episode, Shane shares the importance of how sometimes we have to just let go to release ourselves from the pain we’re stuck in.

“I want to be more than the suffering I know”

– Shane Schulz

Let’s face it. It doesn’t seem fair!

If you are looking for a trapdoor that will have you fall to the cellar of suffering, a great place to start is judging whether something is fair or not. Think about it. Are we not judged by what is right or wrong? While you are thinking about that if someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day dies of cancer, is it not easy to say it’s their own fault? Maybe so but what do you say to that teenage boy that had never smoked a day in his life? In fact, he is the best athlete in the area, but the same disease takes his life at a far too young age? Was he at fault? Is that fair? What about those who end up with a chronic condition in their life or those who get hit by the blindside in a catastrophic way? I believe the argument of fair or unfair could even be valid but at the same time, could be the very thing that keeps us stuck the most.

Are you reactive or proactive?

Find me someone that complains that they never can move forward, and I will find you a person that reacts to life more than they are proactive in it. Picture yourself battling against Darth Vader in a lightsaber fight but you have never fought against the skill of the dark lord of Star Wars before. Do you see yourself moving forward or backward? The answer is obvious. Right? Now, I want you to associate your past, whatever that is to be the skill of Vader in your battle. It’s a no-win situation that is why I said this to help…


Sometimes it’s the one you love

3-Text: Why do we think our loved ones will be immune to the judgment illness? The sad reality is there are all kinds of anchors in our journey and yes that can include the one that will say to your face they love you. Now I’m not trying to pit you against your spouse or your family member. No, instead I am looking to empower you to know that you have the control. Now that doesn’t mean be a jerk or self-righteous about it. When you step into your power, you can be respectful and effective while controlling the effect that any one person could have on you.


If you are learning something that another person is telling you, the likelihood is that person learned from their own experiences first. This is no exception for sure. I am not kidding if you want to learn how to suffer by constantly staying in the past or thru the argument of fair or unfair; have got the foolproof plan for you! It took a long time for me to see that my judgment was the one I needed to be rid of the most! 


Shane talks about being stuck in outside factors

What can you do right NOW?

Are you being accountable to you?

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