An Unlikely Friendship

In episode #295 of “PTSD Bunker Gear For your Brain”, we learn a turning point in Host Carl Waggett’s PTSD journey. “I found an unlikely friend” Carl would say, as he learned how an animal’s love is a formidable foe for PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

“I’d put an animal on that job”

– Carl Waggett

“I just didn’t have the right set of ears to hear it.”

I could describe PTSD, as an arresting disorder. Yes, an arresting disorder. Think about it. When you think of someone being arrested, you hear words like detainment, confinement, handcuffed just to name a few. Well, listen to how Carl explains his challenge with PTSD (Audio) 3:06. 

Enter Mr. President

Right, this way Mr. President. Now before you start, to think Carl is on a national campaign, remember that he is from Canada “eh”. So, when I said “Enter Mr. President” I meant, of course, Mr. President the dog. I could explain more but why don’t, I let Carl do that in his own special way (Audio) 5:08

At the moment it is too early to substantiate with long detailed studies, but it is increasingly clear that pets, especially dogs have a unique way of being the “wingman” for those who find themselves challenged with PTSD and or anxiety.

It started with frisbee

Frisbee? Yeah, you know that simple little plastic disk that flies through the air; while spinning around? Now I know you’re wondering, well how in the world can a piece of plastic make a difference with PTSD. Well, as Mr. President started to make his demands clear to Carl, one of them was to go outside to play Frisbee! Here let Carl explain (Audio) 7:42


Just as you think you are on the bottom of the deepest darkness, up comes the most unlikely motivator to bring you towards the light. That is what Mr. President did for Carl. You could hear from Carl’s words; he was sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of his depression and his growing pain. Little did he know that the small dog with a big name would get him moving and eventually living again. You heard Carl himself say “There’s something about animals”


3:06 – Carl explains the challenges of his PTSD

5:08 – Enters Mr. President the dog

7:42 – Here is where Mr. President trains Carl

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