Ep #25 | Monica Loren | Ever Wonder Who You Are Within?


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On November 19, 2018

Ever Wonder Who You Are Within?

Monica Loren is a Certified Mind/ Body Healing Practitioner and is a top-rated Life Coach in Venice Beach California. Using her own experience of pain and struggle with traumaanxietydepression, and addiction Monica helps others learn who they truly are within. Making it possible to assist others with their healing. 

“The only way out is through.”

– Robert Frost

“When I started this show, you were one of the first people I thought of!” 

It always excites Travis to talk with his “make a dent in the World” guests. But curiously, he seemed especially excited to talk with this episode’s guest Monica Loren. It didn’t take long to learn why. “When I started this show, you were one of the first people I thought of having on as a guest!” Travis went on to mention how he enjoys following Monica’s Instagram because she is so authentically empowering for her audience to learn from.

“When you show up powerfully in your life, that is when the “magic” happens” 

Being someone who has struggled with Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder my self-worth is in question more than I wish to admit. So, when Travis said “When you grow up powerfully in your life, that is when the magic happens” it had my attention. He then followed that with “two things that I recommend every single person to do, move the body, still the mind.

“Okay, this is meant to happen, what else is possible?”

Think about it. How many of us find ourselves stuck in life’s circumstances? Whether it be illness or injury, it is not unusual to find our shoulders heavy, and our minds full of doubt and strife. I personally have been there where my suffering was so heavy, I didn’t think I could take any more. So, when Monica said, “Okay, this is meant to happen, what else is possible?” I first was taken back but then Monica continued to say, “This to me is the definition of success”. I must admit it broadened my mind. How about you? 


Listening to this fireside chat between two people who make it their purpose to help inspire others was clearly what I took away from Episode 26. Monica Loren was delightfully authentic as she didn’t shy away from the fact there are some tough challenges in life. Some she has experienced herself. In fact, she made a point of stating that life can be hard (audio). So, when she shares how she elevates within her positive mindset and soul you can believe it from her and that it’s possible for you. 



Instagram: @monicaloren



Listen to how Monica’s experiences got her started

Monica explains what is cellular level energy is

Monica discusses keys to success in your passion

Monica covers what you can encounter while meditating

Find where you can find Monica and more information about her

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