Ep #11 A Few Tips to Handle Discouragement

A Few Tips on How to Handle Discouragement

Here’s a funny fact, you can’t act in a great way against a negative feeling until you first admit you have one. If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have experienced how discouragement has a way of popping up whether it be at our worst and yes even at our best of times!

In episode #11 of “Raw and Unscripted”, we learn how Christopher found himself discouraged at a time he thought he was at his best while being a Life Coach and Keynote Speaker.

Below we invite you to listen to how Christopher identified his role in his discouragement and how he chose to handle it.

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“Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? “

– Christopher Rausch

I Thought I Had Done Everything Right

The name Christopher Rausch was finding itself more popular in the personal development circles as a Keynote Speaker and Life Coach. After working with one of the top motivational influencers in the World (Les Brown), Christopher was ready to put all his knowledge and passion on to the stage where it all will finally pay off figuratively and literally! But then something happens, here is Christopher sharing how he thought he had done everything right, but it went all wrong and why. (audio) 1:02

Get A Rubber Band

As we listened to Christopher’s own experience, we learned how discouragement can lead to the floor dropping out from under us, One thing that is clear in his story is that negative self-talk can be a catalyst to self-destruction and sabotage. Yeah, I know we both are picturing that chemistry experiment that went all wrong. You know the one where you put the wrong ingredient in by mistake! Before you knew it you had an overflowing problem! Christopher knows firsthand how negative self-talk can spiral into a lot of what we don’t need or want. Take a listen to how he uses a simple rubber band to help him (audio) 5:20

Something For You – Here’s a link to an article on the benefits of positive self-talk we believe can be helpful – https://www.healthline.com/health/positive-self-talk

Why It Is Better to Focus on the Process and Not Just the Result

How many times have you found yourself where things are going fine, maybe even progressing but then you have a roadblock of sorts? Maybe it was a mistake on your part or maybe it was just life’s circumstances that had you say never mind or it can’t be done. Let’s face it life is not an ideal scenario. I mean there are any number of factors that can dart into your perfect plan and send you down just like the board game “Chutes and Ladders”  This is why Christopher believes it is better to keep your focus on the process more than just the result. Take a listen (audio) 12:03


What I like about this episode is the authentic way Christopher displays how discouragement can be like. I mean he makes no bones about it, he quit! At a time where he was kicking ass and taking names as his brand was on fire, he had about with discouragement that made him question just about everything. So, what better representative to show what you can do to battle through discouragement than someone who has been there and done that? I also like the practical tips that Christopher mentions to keep us focused on the process and not just the result and yeah he’s not the first that uses a rubber band to snap someone back to reality but at least he is walking the walk instead of just the same old self-help talk.




Ep #10 | How to Turn Fear Into Your Opportunity

Do you have a fear of success?

 Can you handle failures, or are you afraid to make mistakes? Are you afraid of succeeding or fear what might happen when you don’t? The fear of success might sound crazy to many but it’s real. In episode #10 of “Raw and Unscripted,” the master motivational coach Christopher Rausch talks to us about the many ways we sabotage ourselves when it comes to success.


Fear of success is a semblance of fear that happens when people fail to perform at their best because they fear success will lead to disappointment.

Most of us are going to feel this way because of the way we were raised, or we just give up on the first try. Listen here as Christopher talks about the many ways, we sabotage ourselves that keep us from achieving success. – (audio) 2:02


The most important thing we need to do is reframe our mindset.

Think of all the things you could accomplish if you weren’t scared of the outcome. As Christopher says, “We stay in our short-term gratifications again versus the long-term results”. Changing your perception is key to moving forward to get out of our comfort zone. – (audio) 5:29


Think about the legacy you want to live.

Where do you want to be? What is your life going to look like years from now? If you don’t face your fears you might not be happy with the situation your in and may never be successful at anything you truly want. This is where Christopher tells us why we need to get out of this mindset. – (audio) 12:11


“Feel the fear and do it anyway” – Author: Susan Jeffers

  • Listening to Christopher break down all the steps we can take to get over our fear of success was my take away from episode # 10.As a matter of fact he makes it a point to tell you that If you want true success, if you want to get out of the situation your in, you’re going to have to face your fears.(audio)  Christopher Rausch uses some of his own experiences as an example and tells you how he got through it to move forward with confidence.










1.When you think about it, our parents and our teachers and society tell us to be careful and not risk things. – (audio) 2:02

2.We always think about all the bad things that can happen when we take risks. Keep in mind that falling isn’t part the of failure: it’s the staying down. – (audio) 6:08

3.If you fail will you survive? Will you learn something, or be successful? Because of all these failures and mistakes, if you look at them as bad, and if you look at them as things to avoid you will never reach your goal. – (audio) 8:06

Ep #6 | Totally Random

Totally Random

One thing about humor that is often missed by the audience is the structure of the joke that goes from one point to another leading you to the punch-line. Yeah, but then there are just the mind-blowing times where comedy is just totally random. You’ve been warned!

“Yeah i’m giving a $22 donation to Planet Fitness every month as well”

– Alisha M Bridges

First World problems

Alisha and Daniel don’t take long at all to get you to forget about your stresses, your pain or even your illness as they jump right into how they are dealing with the weather.

Hashtag 2018 same as 2019

Now, you know that every year just after the Holidays we all think why not take advantage of a new start with the new year. Alicia and Daniel are no different, so find out what they have planned to change in 2019!

Come on plug!

With this dynamic duo being such Awesome people, it is no surprise they have their heart 110% committed to making a difference for others! Take a listen and see what Daniel and some of his friends are doing to bring health advocacy to an international level!

This is liberating!

There is no doubt. When dealing with a chronic condition whether it be medically or mentally can lead us away from what makes us happy and fun. Alicia explains not only what it is like, but she also explains the whole reason the show Healthy Humor is here.


Did you stop laughing yet? I told you from the beginning this episode there a chance of being random and leading us to what can be unexpectedly funny! Alicia and Daniel do an awesome job inner mixing humor and reality of someone who is challenged with a chronic condition in their life.  Oh, go ahead! You can be random and listen to it again! 


Talking about the weather, or are they?

Alisha shares her goals as a Health Advocate for 2019

See how Daniel is bringing his HIV Advocacy to an International level

Alisha hits the nail on the head

Ep #37 | Sometimes We Have To Just Let Go!

Sometimes We Have To Just Let Go!

Shane Schulz is a motivational speaker and health advocate that will tell you firsthand what it is like to suffer in the middle of life on life’s terms. In this episode, Shane shares the importance of how sometimes we have to just let go to release ourselves from the pain we’re stuck in.

“I want to be more than the suffering I know”

– Shane Schulz

Let’s face it. It doesn’t seem fair!

If you are looking for a trapdoor that will have you fall to the cellar of suffering, a great place to start is judging whether something is fair or not. Think about it. Are we not judged by what is right or wrong? While you are thinking about that if someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day dies of cancer, is it not easy to say it’s their own fault? Maybe so but what do you say to that teenage boy that had never smoked a day in his life? In fact, he is the best athlete in the area, but the same disease takes his life at a far too young age? Was he at fault? Is that fair? What about those who end up with a chronic condition in their life or those who get hit by the blindside in a catastrophic way? I believe the argument of fair or unfair could even be valid but at the same time, could be the very thing that keeps us stuck the most.

Are you reactive or proactive?

Find me someone that complains that they never can move forward, and I will find you a person that reacts to life more than they are proactive in it. Picture yourself battling against Darth Vader in a lightsaber fight but you have never fought against the skill of the dark lord of Star Wars before. Do you see yourself moving forward or backward? The answer is obvious. Right? Now, I want you to associate your past, whatever that is to be the skill of Vader in your battle. It’s a no-win situation that is why I said this to help…


Sometimes it’s the one you love

3-Text: Why do we think our loved ones will be immune to the judgment illness? The sad reality is there are all kinds of anchors in our journey and yes that can include the one that will say to your face they love you. Now I’m not trying to pit you against your spouse or your family member. No, instead I am looking to empower you to know that you have the control. Now that doesn’t mean be a jerk or self-righteous about it. When you step into your power, you can be respectful and effective while controlling the effect that any one person could have on you.


If you are learning something that another person is telling you, the likelihood is that person learned from their own experiences first. This is no exception for sure. I am not kidding if you want to learn how to suffer by constantly staying in the past or thru the argument of fair or unfair; have got the foolproof plan for you! It took a long time for me to see that my judgment was the one I needed to be rid of the most! 


Shane talks about being stuck in outside factors

What can you do right NOW?

Are you being accountable to you?

Ep #25 | Monica Loren | Ever Wonder Who You Are Within?

Ever Wonder Who You Are Within?

Monica Loren is a Certified Mind/ Body Healing Practitioner and is a top-rated Life Coach in Venice Beach California. Using her own experience of pain and struggle with traumaanxietydepression, and addiction Monica helps others learn who they truly are within. Making it possible to assist others with their healing. 

“The only way out is through.”

– Robert Frost

“When I started this show, you were one of the first people I thought of!” 

It always excites Travis to talk with his “make a dent in the World” guests. But curiously, he seemed especially excited to talk with this episode’s guest Monica Loren. It didn’t take long to learn why. “When I started this show, you were one of the first people I thought of having on as a guest!” Travis went on to mention how he enjoys following Monica’s Instagram because she is so authentically empowering for her audience to learn from.

“When you show up powerfully in your life, that is when the “magic” happens” 

Being someone who has struggled with Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder my self-worth is in question more than I wish to admit. So, when Travis said “When you grow up powerfully in your life, that is when the magic happens” it had my attention. He then followed that with “two things that I recommend every single person to do, move the body, still the mind.

“Okay, this is meant to happen, what else is possible?”

Think about it. How many of us find ourselves stuck in life’s circumstances? Whether it be illness or injury, it is not unusual to find our shoulders heavy, and our minds full of doubt and strife. I personally have been there where my suffering was so heavy, I didn’t think I could take any more. So, when Monica said, “Okay, this is meant to happen, what else is possible?” I first was taken back but then Monica continued to say, “This to me is the definition of success”. I must admit it broadened my mind. How about you? 


Listening to this fireside chat between two people who make it their purpose to help inspire others was clearly what I took away from Episode 26. Monica Loren was delightfully authentic as she didn’t shy away from the fact there are some tough challenges in life. Some she has experienced herself. In fact, she made a point of stating that life can be hard (audio). So, when she shares how she elevates within her positive mindset and soul you can believe it from her and that it’s possible for you. 


Website: monicaloren.com

Instagram: @monicaloren



Listen to how Monica’s experiences got her started

Monica explains what is cellular level energy is

Monica discusses keys to success in your passion

Monica covers what you can encounter while meditating

Find where you can find Monica and more information about her


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