Ep #6 | Totally Random

One thing about humor that is often missed by the audience is the structure of the joke that goes from one point to another leading you to the punch-line. Yeah, but then there are just the mind-blowing times where comedy is just totally random. You’ve been warned!

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Ep #294 | Wanna Have Fun? Follow Me!

In this episode of “PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain” Host Carl Waggett shares the need to find fun while searching for the light through his journey of depression. Don’t worry Carl, I’m sure that Cyndi Lauper would agree it’s not just “Girls That Wanna Have Fun”!

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Ep #37 | Sometimes We Have To Just Let Go!

Shane Schulz is a motivational speaker and health advocate that will tell you firsthand what it is like to suffer in the middle of life on life’s terms. In this episode, Shane shares the importance of how sometimes we have to just let go to release ourselves from the pain we’re stuck in.

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Ep #25 | Monica Loren | Ever Wonder Who You Are Within?

Monica Loren is a Certified Mind/ Body Healing Practitioner and is a top-rated Life Coach in Venice Beach California. Using her own experience of pain and struggle with trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction Monica helps others learn who they truly are within. Making it possible to assist others with their healing.

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